As a preamble we would like to say that we know that the game is not yet in a perfect state and that there might be problems for a perfect management in tournament mode, but we still want to try the experience. In order to make sure that everyone is aware of the conditions of the tournament, we have detailed how we will manage it during PolyLAN 35.


/!\ For information purposes only /!\

  • Saturday: 3 series of 3 games (9 in total), each series will be played against the same 7 opponents. At the end of the day, the 32 best will reach the final tree. The tree will be filled in such a way that the top ranked players will not compete directly against each other.
  • Sunday: The final tree will be in the form of a "double elimination". The first matches are in Bo1, the first 4 of each game continues in the winner bracket, the others go into the loser bracket. At the second defeat, the player is definitively eliminated. The final will certainly be in Bo3 or even Bo5.


To rank the players at the end of the first day, we introduced a point system as follows: 0 3 4 5 7 11 15 20, respectively from 8th to 1st place.

Equality of points

The cases of equality being probable, in the event of a qualification, the choice would be made in 3 steps :

  • comparison of the best place and if even better, the one who made the best place the most times
  • victory(s) in direct confrontation, i.e. the number of times higher ranked in a game where the other player was present
  • total time at stake with the elimination (the longest wins) on the current "group"

Lack of players

As it is impossible to start a game without 8 players, in the event that one or more players are missing, we have decided to fill the seats with tournament admins accounts. These substitute players will not play the game, they are only there to prevent people from outside the LAN from joining these games.

Info no tournament code

As Riot Games does not provide a tournament code for TFT, players will have to invite themselves, to do so, in each game, one player will be designated captain. :

Game ”Capitain”

The captain of the game is a person randomly selected from among the players of the game. This person is responsible for the creation of the game. In order to facilitate the task of logging into the game, all other players must contact the captain in order to be invited. In case of failure to create the game within 15 minutes, the captain will be considered absent. The other players must then arrange among themselves to create the game and invite each other. (They can also come to warn the admins in live / discord to try to find the missing person)

Third-Party Software

No third party software will be allowed.


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