17 Feb. 2019 20:01:12 / Hi, anyone will to make international English team?

Im Czech Master Physics student on an Erasmus exchange in Lausanne 6 months. I wanted to find some other gamers in this area and to create a team for this competition. I do not speak French unfortuantely, so the team would have to be international or at least speaking in English.

I play Overwatch, CS:GO, LOL, Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2, Doom, Starcraft and many other games.

In Overwatch I think I was almost Platinum, but did not play Competetive enough.
In CS:GO, I was Master Elite some season ago.

Are you interested in joining my team? Already premade groups are most welcome to invite me.

Raccoon5 signing out

PS: Write me here or PM

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