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Eedjeeze :
@RoiBaloo C'est 5.- pour un jour, et 15.- pour les 4 !
Cake_aux_Citrons :
Quelqu'un aurait un micro pour casque HyperX cloud 2 en rab' ?
RoiBaloo :
C'est combien le ticket d'entrée visiteur ?
Jodrasch :
Quelqu'un a un cable d'alim pour pc en trop
llann :
Il y a des container de douche sur place en libre accès 24/24.
DoppleDankster :
des news sur l'evenement douche ? c'est comment niveau logistique?
Psykotik :
C'est juste un moyen d'annoncer que le jeu te tilt
Shiny :
Yes c'est bien Golf It, c'est son petit nom chaque année dans la liste des anims
Cha0s_Pur :
L'animation "Golf tilt" c'est bien Golf It! c'est juste ?
Cha0s_Pur :
Hello !
dell1782 :
Et trackmania... Les jeux qui se jouent de soirée/nuit
dell1782 :
Arf heartstone le dimanche aprem quand tout le monde se barre :(
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Feedback PolyLAN 39 & Petite LAN

PolyLAN39 took place almost a month ago! Thanks to everyone who gave us their feedback on this page. As the LAN has changed a lot this year (first year at Beaulieu!), we've prepared a feedback form with targeted questions, which you can find right here.

The photos will be available shortly in the Photos/PolyLAN39 tab.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers for their help upstream and throughout the LAN, as well as to Dash Studio for the visuals, Swiss Visual Production for the on-stage audiovisuals, our sponsors for supporting us throughout the various editions, and Beaulieu for welcoming us into their home. And above all, thank you for always being there!

You've all been waiting for it, it was cancelled the last two years, but this time it should take place (at least, the room is currently reserved for us): the Small LAN! It will take place at the Rolex Forum, as in previous years, and will run from Friday 25 October to Sunday 27 October. Book your weekend, we look forward to seeing you there!

See you on LAN!


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