Feedback PolyLAN 39 & Petite LAN

PolyLAN39 took place almost a month ago! Thanks to everyone who gave us their feedback on this page. As the LAN has changed a lot this year (first year at Beaulieu!), we've prepared a feedback form with targeted questions, which you can find right here.

The photos will …


Winners PolyLAN 39

PolyLAN 39 featured 5 tournaments as well as a lot of animations, so it's time to announce the winners. Well done to all the participants, and we hope to see you fighting for the trophy again at the next LAN!

League of Legends :

  1. Lausanne Esports - Kioz0m, …


Reminder of the rules of conduct

Dear players,

Now that we are in the midst of the LAN party, we would like to remind you of a few rules that are close to our hearts.

We would like the LAN party to take place in a friendly environment for everyone and for everyone to feel safe …


D-2: Final list of events

2 days to go until the LAN!

There hasn't been much news lately, and we apologise for that, as we've been quite busy setting up the event. We've made a lot of progress with the set-up today, and it's not finished yet.

But here's the final list of animations, …


D-15: Poster and First Animations

LAN is only 15 days away! To mark the occasion, here's the first list of animations. It is still subject to change.

As a reminder, you can register for the events during the LAN, and there are over 60 of them, with a lot of prizes to be won! …


Increased number of places

Following the general enthusiasm for this LAN (1265 registrations for 1447 pre-registrations with just under a month to go), we've rolled up our sleeves and revised our plans: we're opening up 51 new places! Register now!

This means we'll have 1,316 places at this LAN. The new places are …


Completing your roster

As you may have noticed, all 1,250 LAN places have been sold and the sale is now closed. However, we still have a few places in reserve.

We are initially reserving these places for incomplete rosters. If you are the last member of your roster not to have registered, please …


PolyLAN 39 - Sold Out!

During the night of 25 to 26 March, i.e. more than a month before the event, PolyLAN 39 reached 1250 registrations: a sell-out!

Registration figures :

  • Animations - 600 Players
  • League of Legends - 304 Players for 58 teams
  • Counter Strike 2 - 69 Players for 21 teams …


Rocket League Tournament Cancellation - Clarifications

There seems to have been some misunderstanding about the cancellation of the Rocket League tournament. We're going to refund the 3 people who registered if they don't want to be animated, and they received a message about this yesterday.

As for the cancellation of the tournament, we understand some people's …


New tournament: Overwatch 2

We're sorry to announce that the Rocket League tournament has been cancelled due to low registration numbers.
However, we're replacing it with another tournament that we hope will attract you more: Overwatch 2!

If you've already registered for Rocket League, you'll be transferred to Animation and your 'Rocket League' tournament …