Increased number of places

Following the general enthusiasm for this LAN (1265 registrations for 1447 pre-registrations with just under a month to go), we've rolled up our sleeves and revised our plans: we're opening up 51 new places! Register now!

This means we'll have 1,316 places at this LAN. The new places are …


Completing your roster

As you may have noticed, all 1,250 LAN places have been sold and the sale is now closed. However, we still have a few places in reserve.

We are initially reserving these places for incomplete rosters. If you are the last member of your roster not to have registered, please …


PolyLAN 39 - Sold Out!

During the night of 25 to 26 March, i.e. more than a month before the event, PolyLAN 39 reached 1250 registrations: a sell-out!

Registration figures :

  • Animations - 600 Players
  • League of Legends - 304 Players for 58 teams
  • Counter Strike 2 - 69 Players for 21 teams …


Rocket League Tournament Cancellation - Clarifications

There seems to have been some misunderstanding about the cancellation of the Rocket League tournament. We're going to refund the 3 people who registered if they don't want to be animated, and they received a message about this yesterday.

As for the cancellation of the tournament, we understand some people's …


New tournament: Overwatch 2

We're sorry to announce that the Rocket League tournament has been cancelled due to low registration numbers.
However, we're replacing it with another tournament that we hope will attract you more: Overwatch 2!

If you've already registered for Rocket League, you'll be transferred to Animation and your 'Rocket League' tournament …


1000 registrations!!!

More than 1000 registrations!!! That's huge, and a big thanks to all of you for coming!

We've also passed the 1250 pre-registration mark, so the last 250 places will go to the first people to pay.

We can't wait to see you in May :)

See you on LAN!


Rocket League - Registration Deadline

Due to the lack of interest in the Rocket League tournament (currently 3 registered and 7 pre-registered, with only one team registered at the time of writing), we've decided to leave Rocket League registration open until Tuesday 5 March at 11.59pm.

If after this date we don't have at …


Staff recruitment PolyLAN 39

Want to help PolyLAN? Become a staff member!

But what does being a staff mean? 

It's helping the committee out on a voluntary basis (in exchange for a T-shirt and some food): without you, the LAN wouldn't exist. It's also a way for you to get to know the committee …


Games PolyGaming Tournament

The PolyLAN 39 PolyGaming tournament will be held over 5 free games, in teams of 2. The aim of this tournament is to offer an intermediate opportunity between playing competitively throughout the event on a single game or taking part in the activities. For more information on the games, click …


Cashprizes PolyLAN39 tournaments

This year PolyLAN has 5 tournaments: League of Legends, Counter Strike 2, Valorant, Rocket League and Polygaming. Here's how we're dividing up our more than CHF 9,000 in cash prizes.

League of Legends :

  • 1st: 2050.-
  • 2e : 1200.-
  • 3e : 800.-

Counter Strike 2 :

  • 1st: 700.-
  • 2e : …