PolyLAN 25: Informations and registrations

Hi everyone !

A small, or rather, a big news to give you some info! :-) Some of you already know, but PolyLAN 25 is almost here! You remember PolyLAN 23 ? Well, P25 will be the same but even better :-)

There will again be 2  distinct parts: The first is 100% animations ...


PolyLAN 25: Some info


After this crazy PolyLAN , we already have some information for you about the next PolyLAN, PolyLAN 25.

You can already update your calendar and mark the dates from April 3rd to April 6th 2015. We will reiterate what has been done at PolyLAN 23 by returning to the SwissTech ...


Feedback PolyLAN 24

Salut à tous !

Merci à tous les participants pour cette PolyLAN mythique ! Vous pouvez donner votre avissur cette édition sur le forum: https://polylan.ch/forum/topic/2793/

On se réjouit de vous retrouver à la prochaine au printemps. Comme vous le savez déjà, elle risque d'être énorme (littéralement ...


Places en plus


Bonne nouvelle, on a réussi a faire quelques aménagements et il y a 10 places supplémentaires pour la LAN. Le système sera du "premier arrivé, premier servi". :D

Il y a juste quelques petites contraintes :

  1. C'est 2 places achetable par personne (vous ne pouvez ...


Placement et accès à PolyLAN 24

Hi everyone !

PolyLAN 24 is in 3 days, so it's time to give you some info. First, know that an information email will be sent shortly before the LAN, you will most likely find answers to your questions there. :-)

Then, know that you can now know where you'll ...


Cosplay at PolyLAN 24

Hi everyone,

As we have already mentioned, the theme will be of the utmost importance in this PolyLAN. I remind those who were asleep during his announcement, the theme of PolyLAN 24 will be Mythology (whether Greek, Nordic, Egyptian, Mayan or other).

In terms of animations, we planned events like ...


Open doors and IC LAN

As you may know, the EPFL IC Faculty organizes an open doors day on Saturday, November 22 from 10am to 5pm in the BC building. PolyLAN will be present at this event, and we will organize a small LAN. This is a good opportunity for those who do not have ...


Erenya-LAN #9

Hi !

If you want to go on a trip on the other side of the Roestigraben for the week-end of December 5th to 7th or didn't manage to register for PolyLAN, think about the Erenya-LAN in Thun ! There will be tournaments with 6000 CHF cash prizes: CS:GO, LoL ...


PolyLAN 24 : Ouverture des pré-inscriptions et des inscriptions

Hello everyone !

I am pleased to announce that the pre-registration and registration will open soon ! As usual it will be in two stages. First the pre-registration will open Thursday, October 30th at 08:00 in the after noon, then the confirmation (final registration) can be done when payments are open ...


Retransmission de la finale des Worlds League of Legends

Bonjour à tous ! Et bonjour spécialement aux joueurs de MOBA :)

Vous le savez probablement, les phases finales du championnat du monde de League of Legends ont d'ores et déjà commencées et le match final se déroulera ce dimanche 19 octobre. Nous vous proposons donc de regarder ...