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Les streams


Le stream de la finale LOL est par ici:


Some small news here and there

The LAN-party takes place in less than a week ! :D

Potential BF4 tournament cancellation

Usually, in our LANs, we require a minimum of 8 participating teams in order for an event to take place. We obviously kept this principle for PolyLAN 23, for bot animations and tournaments.

Currently, there are ...


Devenez staff à P23 ! We need you!

Pour ceux qui connaissent PolyLAN depuis quelques éditions, vous aurez sans doute constaté que PolyLAN 23 est une édition beaucoup plus grande que ce que nous avons l'habitude de faire. Il nous faut donc beaucoup plus de staffs que d'habitude :-)

Qu'est-ce qu'être staff ?

Le principe est ...


More information :-D

More info, more info, always more info :D

Registration deadline

WARNING WARNING (this is not an april fool's joke)

Due to organisational reasons on our side, the price of the registration to the tournaments and animation packs will INCREASE by CHF 5 from Monday, April 14th. The animations packa ...


April Fools' Day


We hope your little hearts held up yesterday. It was fun to scare you a little for April's Fools. It is PolyLAN tradition :D.

The meter has been artificially increased throughout the day. ^_^.

The counters are now all up to date and accurate :). We hope you enjoyed ...


DDOS server and HSS Bonus

Following the confirmation by the academic service that participation to PolyLAN could generate automatically a bonus on the HSS grade, lots of students tried to register at the same time, making the server pretty irresponsive. We appologize for the inconvenience and promise you that we will make sure it wont ...


Surprises, surprises :-)

Many little surprises :-D

The League of Legends tournament is filling up :-)

The number of pre-registered people for the League of Legends tournament run by Wesports exceeded the limit number of 320 we can take accomodate in this competition. Since only the first 320 players who have a valid registration ...


BoostMyPC, Trailer PolyLAN 23, Planning des animations et managers

As the LAN party gets closer, information continues to arrive :D

Trailer of PolyLAN 23

First a small audio-visual surprise: our partner WeSports prepared us a nice trailer to announce the LAN party! Comment it, like it, share it and find it on Youtube:

Registration deadline ...


Cashprize, Battlefield 4, meals and payment deadlines

PolyLAN 23 arrives soon, it's thus time to detail some aspects :-)

Cashprize Repartition

Many of you asked how the cash prize will be split among the different tournaments. We decided to adjust the cash prize to the number of registered players. It will be separated proportionally to the number ...