Event start: Thursday, May 9, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.
End of event: Sunday May 12, 2024 around 16:30
Time before: Wednesday May 8, 2024 20:00 - 22:00

More details on the schedule page


For LAN, the price of the 4-day package is :

105 CHF for online payment (Postfinance/Twint/credit card)

A supplement of 5 CHF will be added for "Tournament" packs in order to participate in the cash prize.
A CHF 30 discount will be granted to all students on presentation of a valid student card.

The following packs will be available as options:

  • CHF 10 for "Le before"
  • CHF 5 for the PolyLAN 39 mouse pad
  • CHF 15 for the PolyLAN 39 Gamers T-shirt
  • 100 CHF for the purchase of an additional seat

To support PolyLAN financially, you can also add CHF 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500 to your pack. It's important to remember that a LAN of this scale requires a lot of money, and a gesture on your part would help us to survive.


LAN takes place at Beaulieu in the center of Lausanne.
Full details on the access page

What you need to bring

Your complete computer: screen, tower, keyboard and mouse (in working order if possible! :), of course laptops are also welcome
Headphones (no speakers!)
A power strip (for example). Please note! Swiss plugs 
Make sure you've done all the important updates before coming. Despite our excellent internet connection, this can become problematic if everyone reinstalls their system on arrival.

Your sleeping bag and a mattress to sleep on.

Your arrival at PolyLAN

You can unload your equipment in front of the entrance. Paid parking will be available for the duration of the event. Staff will be on hand to make sure you don't get lost.
Teams will be placed by us shortly before the LAN.

Before the LAN

A whole host of events are being organized, and a schedule will be available shortly before the LAN.
People who have registered for Cash-Prize tournaments will play their tournament matches first, and will be able to take part in the other activities if they are eliminated. Smoking is not allowed inside the event, but you can smoke outside.
Glass bottles are not allowed in the hall.


You will be able to access the internet freely with our crazy 10Gbs full-duplex internet connection.
The internal network is at 1Gbs for everyone.
However, it is protected to ensure that only registered players who have passed through the reception area can log in. Instructions for logging in can be found on this page.


An event like this needs a lot of electrical power ( > 500'000W), thus each player will be provided with 2 power slots maximum.
No useless equipment will be tolerated (coffee maker, stoves, kettle, ... ).


You can find everything you need on site and 24h! This year PolyLAN will hold the bar during the all event


A nearby room will be available exclusively for sleeping. Bring what you need in order to be all set, we only provide a roof over your head ;-) The size of the sleeping area is limited, so please don't take king-size mattresses if you're on your own ;)
It's forbidden to sleep in the main room (under your table).

Parking and access

Parking is available under the building, but is subject to a charge. You can buy a ticket when you register. We are still negotiating the price. There is also a P+R parking lot (velodrome) easily accessible by bus.


Le Pack ManaNeko , 4 weeks, 1 day ago (Before PolyLAN 39)/ Answer

Bonjour, C'est quoi "Le Before?"

Le Before SPzBeard , 4 weeks, 1 day ago (Before PolyLAN 39)/ Answer

Le Before c'est la possibilité de venir la veille de l'événement au soir pour y amener tout son matériel et préparer sa place physique de gaming. N'espère pas pour autant pouvoir commencer la lan un jour plus tôt ;)

Le Before ManaNeko , 4 weeks, 1 day ago (Before PolyLAN 39)/ Answer


Electron libre pour les PolyGames ManaNeko , 4 weeks, 1 day ago (Before PolyLAN 39)/ Answer

Hello! S'il vous manque un électron pour une team PolyGames, je m'offre en tribut ! (Même si je joue plutôt du rétro)

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