Access to the LAN (STCC SwissTech Convention Center building)

Here is the plan of where the LAN will take place and more precisely on the EPFL campus.

You can also find the plans of the EPFL and it's surroundings at

Plan d'accès
Click on the pictures to enlarge them
Plan d'accès
Click on the pictures to enlarge them

By Car

  • First take the highway towards Lausanne
  • When you are in the Lausanne area, still on the highway, follow the direction Lausanne-Sud and exit at "Université, EPFL". (There are two exits you should take the first).
  • When you have exited the highway follow the main road (direction St-Sulpice, Morges)
  • After aproximately 1km, you should see on your right a building with an antenna and an EPFL logo (big and red), at the traffic circle before the antenna, go right and at the end of this road, go left.
  • A few meters further, you should be able to see the STCC and a metro stop. Go on for a few more meters and you'll find a parking on your left. (people will be there to welcome you)

Link for an itinerary on Goole Maps (you just have to change the starting point):

Public transports

  • From anywhere in Switerland take a train to "Renens VD" (close to Lausanne)
  • Once in this station, you should take another train (the M1) to the station "Ecublens VD, EPFL"
  • When you will be at this station, you will be right next to the STCC and you just have to leave the platform to go to the manifestation.

More generally, if you are coming from switzerland (or even from a foreign country if the city is big enough) you could use the swiss site for the public transports (wich is very well done) and put as final destination : "Ecublens VD, EPFL"


Parking P1XX3L , 5 years, 5 months ago/ Answer

Hello! On pourra laisser la voiture assez près pour décharger? Y'a un parking comme au Rolex où on peut laisser la voiture?

Hello, oui il y aura un aire de déchargement à ... Turalon , 5 years, 5 months ago/ Answer

Hello, oui il y aura un aire de déchargement à disposition pour déposer tes affaires devant le STCC. Ensuite tu pourras garer ta voiture dans un des parkings de l'EPFL (le parking du SG étant le plus proche :)

Parking SotheaWhee , 4 years, 7 months ago/ Answer

hello, Le parking pour les participants est-il gratuit ?

Oui Dava , 4 years, 7 months ago/ Answer

Si je me souviens bien, y'a des places dehors dans les rues proche du centre.

places bleues ou blanches ? SotheaWhee , 4 years, 7 months ago/ Answer

okey mais ce sont des places bleues ou illimitées ? Pas trop de envie de se faire coller :P

Sans garanties, il me semble que le week-end el... the_glu , 4 years, 7 months ago/ Answer

Sans garanties, il me semble que le week-end elles sont illimitées (au pire pas vérifiées). Le parking est pas loin (quelques centaines de mettres à pieds). Il y a aussi un parking directement dans le baitement de la LAN, mais payant celui-ci (on parle du STCC, pour le RLC c'est ok)

merci bien SotheaWhee , 4 years, 7 months ago/ Answer

merci de l'info !

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