Animations are the heart of PolyLAN, present since the creation of the association. They group players in a general ranking based on more than 60 games! Ranging from small indie single player games to multi games of the moment, they encourage versatility and gaming experience.

The concept of the animations is as follows: during the entire event, more than 60 mini-tournaments (called "animations") will take place on the proposed games. Participants register live for the animations in which they wish to participate and earn points based on their ranking within the mini-tournament.

Registrations for an animation open in the hour before it starts, so registrations are made during the event. This means that you just have to have paid for your "animations" ticket to have access to all the mini-tournaments that will take place during the LAN!

On the last day of LAN, during the awards ceremony, participants will be called one by one to pick up a prize among the 12 000 CHF worth of prizes offered by our sponsors. Of course, it is the players with the most points during the LAN who will be called first.

I want to register!


Interested in the exact operation of animations? The rules are made for that! It mentions the point system, types of animations, etc.

List of games

The list of games that will be present during the animations of PolyLAN 39 is finally available!


The schedule of the animations with the choice of games and their schedules during the LAN. Perfect to prepare before the event! #tryhard


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