It is no longer possible to reload the Gamer ID since October 2016. If you want to get the money you deposited on it back, you can come to the committee corner during a LAN and request it.

The PolyLAN Gamer ID is a card created by PolyLAN in order to facilitate the life of the players and the organization of LANs. It is your PolyLAN membership card and is therefore in a way your identity card for PolyLAN. It is an electronic chip card which gives you access to different functions, advantages and services. In short, it will save you time when you register.

Arrival/departure validation

So you don't waste any more time when you arrive or leave, you simply swipe your card and your information is recorded and updated


When you get your Gamer ID, we ask for certain information (e.g. your photo) so that we can verify during a payment that you are the owner of the card

Services Offered

All the management of your card is done via the website in the "My Account" section and then the "My Gamer ID" tab. Via this interface you can see your account balance, the details of your card and also block it in case of loss or theft. Please note that in case of loss, the replacement of your Gamer ID will be charged.
Don't panic, it's not essential! However, we try to make sure that as many players as possible have them. We hand them out at every LAN. Just drop by or follow the information given during the event and you can get yours.
Card problem (defective, blocked, unknown card, lost, stolen, magnetic problem): please contact the committee as soon as possible via the contact form.

Gamer ID card


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