What is PolyLAN?

Since 2002, PolyLAN organizes LANs (or LAN parties) twice a year. These gatherings, which took place at EPFL, successively in the hall of the SG building, at the Rolex Learning Center, at the Amphimax at UNIL and more recently at the SwissTech Convention Center, see up to 1350 people competing through a local network.

The committee, made up mainly of students from the IC faculty, is composed of about 20 members, who put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during their studies, and more. Benefiting from the electrical, IT and logistical infrastructure of the EPFL, the association offers a high quality event for an affordable price. Contrary to other events of this type, where the spirit of competition prevails above all, the conviviality as well as the playful side of video games are privileged.

PolyLAN, an AGEPoly's commission.

  • PolyLAN was created in 2002 by a small group of students in Communication Systems at EPFL
  • PolyLAN was able to start thanks to a loan from AGEPoly (Student’s Association of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Why this birth?
    We noticed that more and more people were playing in the computer rooms of EPFL. So in order to respond to this growing craze for networked video games, we set up an official structure to bring all these people together and give them the opportunity to express themselves fully.
  • A motivated committee of about twenty people over the editions, almost all students at EPFL, organizes, manages and animates PolyLAN.
  • Each year 2 LANs, called the "PolyLAN", are organized.


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