Hello everyone !

Registrations for PolyWAN I, our online event taking place on May 7-9, will open tonight ! Be ready :D ! Here is some information:

  • TOURNAMENTS: As tournaments, we'll propose League of Legends (5v5) and CS:GO (5v5) during 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), Hearthstone (1v1) on Saturday and Rocket League (3v3) on Sunday.
  • ANIMATIONS: As usual, we will provide a wide list of games as fun animations, like Rainbow 6, TFT, Geoguessr, Stellaris, PUBG or chess. The detailed schedule will be published later.
  • NUMBER OF PLACES: For practical reasons, the slots for the tournaments will be limited, but places for animations will be unlimited !
  • PRICE: The event will be entirely free ! We added the possibility to delete your registration in order to have an idea of the number of participants. So if you can't participate please take the time to unregister. If you register for a tournament and fail to participate without unregistering and without a good reason, you will be banned from our next event. We decided to introduce this measure out of respect for the tournament organizers and other players.
  • REWARDS: As this is a free event, there won't be any cash-prize for tournaments nor prizes for the animations. However, we'll offer some goodies to the winners during our next event on campus.
  • REGISTRATION: This is the first time that we organize an online event, so please tell us if you find something unclear or buggy while registering :)
    For the tournaments: as there is no pre-registration for this event, you must form a complete team and roster and lock your roster before you can register. If a member of the roster unregisters, the whole roster will be unregistered as well and will receive an e-mail notification. They can still register again. The ticket exchange system can be used to transfer a registration without unregistering the whole team.

We look forward to seeing you again :D
Take care and see you in WAN !

The PolyLAN committee


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