The list of PolyLAN 38 animations is finally available! A listed game can be present in several animations in different formats. Please note that this list is subject to change. Of course, we will do our best to limit these changes and prefer additions to game deletions.

Paid games Among Us Element TD 2 Factorio Fall Guys Golf It Minecraft PvP Opus Magnum Risk of Rain 2 Slay The Spire Free or provided games Apex Legends Battlerite Battlerite Royale Blobby Volley BPM: Bullets Per Minute Celeste Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cuphead Curve Fever Pro Démineur Dead Cells Dino Google Chrome Duck Game Échecs Fortnite Frostpunk Furi Geoguessr Getting over it Hades Hades II* Hearthstone Hearthstone Battlegrounds League of Legends Mario Kart 8 Ninza Nocturnal osu! Overwatch 2 Pokémon Showdown Pool Party PUBG: Battlegrounds Rocket League Roll For the Galaxy Sanic Ball Slapshot: Rebound Stardew Valley Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Teamfight Tactics Trackmania (2020) Tricky Towers TwitchPlaysPokémon Warsow IRL games Burger Quiz Échecs Gamers VS Zombies Jass Just Dance Loup-Garou Magic: The Gathering Poker Skull King

* if available in Early Access by LAN


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