Because large LANs require more preparation we are obliged to meet certain deadlines. Here are the detailed explanations:

11 March - Increase in the price of registrations

An event of this magnitude is complex to organize and imposes a number of constraints on us. That's why we encourage pre-registered people to pay as early as possible to avoid big last-minute changes in the number of participants who have a significant impact on logistics.

Please note that this applies only to the payment date and not to the pre-registration date. Anyone making a late payment (as of March 11th) will be concerned, regardless of the date of pre-registration.

17 March - Mousepad and T-shirts

The last delay to pay for mousepad and T-shirts. We need some time to get them delivered, so you will understand why this delay is so early :-)

3 April - Deadline for meals choice

The deadline for meals choice and order is 3rd April. For logistical purpose, the midday and evening meals must be pre-ordered and paid by this deadline.

14 April - End of registrations

Entries will be frozen as well as all teams. This is done in order to migrate the intranet on the servers of the LAN and then to do the placement which is complex in view of all the requests that you have sent for the placement.

14 April - Last placement queries

The deadline for applications is 14 April. As a reminder, people from the same team are placed together, however specific placement requests can be addressed to:

19 April -PolyLAN 33 °o°

We do not accept payments on site.


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