Since large LANs require more preparation, we have to respect certain deadlines. Here are the detailed explanations:

23 February - T-shirts

The last deadline to pay for the shirts. It takes us a while to get them delivered, so you'll understand why this delay is so early :-)

17 March - Fin des inscriptions tournois

The last deadline to register for a tournament is March 17. For the organization of the tournaments we need a fixed number of teams in order to make the different rounds.

24 March - Dernier délai pour pour le choix des repas

The last deadline for meal selection and payment is March 24. For logistical reasons, hot lunches and dinners must be pre-ordered and paid for by this deadline.

31 March - Dernières requêtes de placement

The last deadline for placement requests is April 24. As a reminder, people from the same team are placed together. We are in the process of developing something to facilitate placement requests, it's coming soon

31 March - Freeze des équipes et des rosters

The last deadline for finalizing your rosters is March 31. The reason for this is to make the tournament trees and manage the number of teams

7 April- PolyLAN 38 °o°


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