Registrations to PolyLAN 29 open

This time it is, registration is now open, you will be guided by the registration form where you will find all the details for tournaments, meals, goodies, payment methods, etc.

Important: You do not have a place in the LAN as long as we have not received your payment, so a team of 5 registered in a tournament will be definitively validated only when the 5 people have paid their registration.

Tip: Need more space ? The size of each seat is about 70x70cm, we are aware that the space is not suitable for everyone, so we suggest you to acquire additional places: 1. Create a second account with the same personal information. 2. Select the "Animations" package and proceed to its payment. 3. Join your team. 4. Repeat as many times as necessary.

For placement, it is done by us a few days before the start of the LAN, so it's important that you join the same team as your teammates so that we can place you all together. In case of special request: several teams together, very special arrangement, etc. Please contact us via so that we can take them into account during the placement proccess. It may happen that we can not satisfy everyone, in this case we will ask you for understanding and flexibility.
Tip: Avoid unpleasant surprises by paying your tickets early enough and join the right team as soon as you register.

We are always looking for staffs for assembly/dismantling and various activities throughout the LAN, to register: staff form.


Taille des places dell1782 , 2 years, 5 months ago/ Answer

Hello, Pouvez vous confirmer la taille exact des places. L'info dit qu'elles mesurent environ 70x70cm. A savoir qu'un clavier fait entre 40 et 55 cm, ca risque d'être chaud. Merci de confirmer pour savoir si je dois réserver des places supplémentaires.

Taille des places R3n4rd , 2 years, 5 months ago/ Answer

Hello, c'est cela. J’imagine que tu souhaites poser ton boitier également sur la table ? Il est toujours possible de le mettre également sous la table ;) Sinon c'est certain que pour plus de confort, par exemple pour un dual-screen, c'est plus intéressant d'avoir une table entière de 140x70cm. Il est également possible de répartir l'espace entre plusieurs participants (par exemple pour une team), attention dans ce cas aux pieds des tables.

Taille des places dell1782 , 2 years, 5 months ago/ Answer

Merci pour votre réponse. Ok, alors je vais réserver une place supplémentaire car 70cm risque d'être limite pour être à l'aise 4 jours. Et suivant comment, je ferai profiter un bout de mon bureau à mon voisin d'a coté.

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