Important communication !

Due to the large number of payments over the last few days and the completion of the Animations, we decided to stop payments by ebanking or wire transfer very quickly. So by tomorrow Thursday it will no longer be possible to select this option or pay with.

Payments currently in progress and those made today will be counted as far as possible. You will be informed and reimbursed in case of impossibility to assign you a seat (we have a little reserve).


Paiments effectué le 28.02.2017 ozz , 2 years, 4 months ago/ Answer

Bonjour j'ai effectué mon paiement en date du 27 ou 28.02, sachant que 3 joueurs sur 5 ont déjà payé, j'espère que vous validerez mon inscription

Paiments effectué le 28.02.2017 R3n4rd , 2 years, 4 months ago/ Answer

Hello ozz, aucun soucis, nous avons bloqué des places exactement pour ce genre de cas ;)

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