IMPORTANT for PLACEMENT, share the information:
☛ You have to join a team to be placed with her before Wednesday, November 15th, otherwise you will be placed randomly on the plan, we freeze the changes of teams from 15th.
☛ Send an email to before the 15th, otherwise it will not be taken into account, eg to place 2 teams next to each other.
☛ We give a number of places defined by teams by referring to the number of people paid in each of them. Then you have to organize yourself inside the team with seats attributed.
☛ The plan will be available a few days before the LAN, we must allow ourselves the time to generate it taking into consideration all the requests.

For the MINORS who haven't yet reached the majority of 18 years old, it is absolutely necessary to come to the event with your parental authorization signed by the legal representative (parents). Otherwise we will be obliged to refuse your access to the LAN.


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