You may have noticed that we didn't communicate at all about the small LAN, which usually took place in late autumn at the Rolex Learning Center. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled last year, and to our great sadness, it won't be able to take place this year either. 😢

The main reason behind this refusal is that the Rolex forum where the LAN was held is now frequently used to hold classes, and it is therefore impossible to monopolize it for several days in a row for our event.We're extremely saddened by this decision, but we hope it won't be final and that we'll be able to organize a small LAN again in the future. We also apologize for the delay in announcing this cancellation, especially to our regulars, which left you in the dark for a very long time.

But we're not giving up, and we're already working on the big LAN! Stay tuned for more info about it, it should be coming soon. 🔥


une autre lan a la place ? CyberShaping , 5 months ago (Before PolyLAN 39)/ Answer

Hello, si jamais les 3-4-5 novembre nous organisons une "petite" lan pour ceux qui serai tenté pour quand meme occuper ce fin d'année. WWW.JVLAN.CH a+

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