There seems to have been some misunderstanding about the cancellation of the Rocket League tournament. We're going to refund the 3 people who registered if they don't want to be animated, and they received a message about this yesterday.

As for the cancellation of the tournament, we understand some people's frustration, but the timeframe for reorganizing a replacement tournament is already short. We're aware that we should have announced the possible cancellation of the tournament earlier, but we couldn't wait any longer, after 6 weeks of possible registrations.

After the last week of communication on the subject, no additional registrations had been paid, so there were still only 3 out of the minimum 24 required. We therefore concluded that, despite the fact that this has been an important tournament for PolyLAN for many years, we had made an error of choice this year.

We regret having been forced to make this choice, and would like to thank the people and structures who tried to help make it possible to keep it.


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