Following the general enthusiasm for this LAN (1265 registrations for 1447 pre-registrations with just under a month to go), we've rolled up our sleeves and revised our plans: we're opening up 51 new places! Register now!

This means we'll have 1,316 places at this LAN. The new places are all in Animations, as we no longer have any tournament places (unless you complete a roster).

As for the Overwatch 2 tournament, we currently have 7 teams. We're going to keep the tournament going, but we're still holding places for a potential 8th team (in addition to the 1,316 announced places). If you'd like to form this 8th team, please contact !Legrems ( legrems ) or Brownies ( good_brownies ) on discord.

By the way, the LAN is less than 30 days away

See you on LAN!


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